Lace edge customization for individual handkerchiefs

For inquiries, please contact us via e-mail.

All customization is done by hand with individual attention to all details.

If you purchased a lace edged handkerchief, please choose the lace style on the sample or any of the lace styles below - please provide lace style # in your customization communication. Please note all painted edge hankie styles can be made with lace instead - just please make sure to purchase a lace edged hankie as lace is more expensive.

  • Lace number 3 and 4 is heavier rayon Venice lace, #1 and 5 are cotton lace and #2 is polyester Raschel lace. Lace #s 1-5 available in white, lace #5 is available in cream as well.
  • Lace A, B or C is rayon Venice lace; A and B are white, C is cream lace only.