Invitation wording samples

Sample wording for our birthday and wedding invitation scrolls:

Pirate invitation:

Ahoy matey!  
Captain Jack
will be celebrating his 6th birthday on July 12th, 2013.
All ye pirates report for deck activities at 3 pm sharp
or ye’ll be left behind to wash them dishes.
After a search for hidden treasure and a dip in the lagoon, the captain will be treatin’ his most loyal crew to pirate fare an’ plenty o’ ale.
Set sail for the Captain’s secret lair at
324 Delaney Streete on the lost island of Troy, NY
So what’re ye waitin’ for?! The faster ye get here, the faster we can be off in search of the hidden booty!
If you don‘ wanna be kept out by the captain’s most loyal guards,
do send a coded message of your pending arrival to
Queen Pirate Carrie in charge of headcount (this secret code mite come in handy (802) 123-3567).
Watch for the king’s sailors when ye make yer way to the island.
And remember: X NEVER EVER marks the spot. (...or does it?!)

Princess invitation:

Hear ye, hear ye...

Queen Beth and King Paul
along with Prince Alex
request Your presence
at their castle to celebrate
Princess Anna’s
Third birthday
A Royal feast to be held
entertainment to keep you amused
On the 7th day of November, 2-4 pm
Castle Smith
Middlebury, 34 Main Street
(800) 123-3567

Wedding invitation:

Together with their Parents
Anna  Jones
David  Martinson

Invite You to Celebrate their Wedding
on Saturday, the tenth of June,

Two thousand and twelve
at Two o’clock in the afternoon
Friend’s Meeting House,
235 Main Street
Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Reception to follow

For More Details, Please Visit



Santa Letter

2018, a few weeks before Christmas
North Pole

Dear Matthew,

Me and the elves here in our workshop are busy getting ready for Christmas, so I will be short. I just wanted to let you know that we are very proud of your accomplishments this year - learning how to play the piano is not a small accomplishment and we know that your reading skills are quite outstanding! We also think that you should be especially proud of yourself for reading and writing with the second graders. And we do know that you will work extra hard at being nice to your friends and not get mad at them too often, just like you would like them to be nice to you.

In case you are wondering, you DID make the Nice list. So please, make sure to be in bed early on Christmas night as I can tell you a little secret now…ready….? You will be very busy Christmas day and you will need to be especially well rested.

Ho-ho-ho and merry Christmas to you,
Sarah, Mom and Dad!

Santa Claus
(the elves)


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