Fabric card customization options for fabric invitations and fabric banners

Our digitally printed, handmade fabric invitations and banners may be customized in a multitude of ways. In order to have a smooth design and production process, please read the Customization page and submit the following when relevant to your order:

  • Wording: please submit exact wording as you would like it printed. Please send wording in body of e-mail - Word files, jpegs or other attachments are not accepted at this time for customization submission. Minor wording changes are perfectly fine during the editing process. If you need to change more than a couple of words, please resubmit the entire text. Please note we do not proofread the text, only format it - please double check grammar and spelling before submitting.
  • Fabric material color:  We use 100% natural materials only - 100% cotton, linen or silk fabrics for our scrolls. Cotton fabric is available in bleached white or natural unbleached. Linen fabric is light cream or natural gray and silk fabric is light cream only. Fabric choice will be determined at checkout as price varies.
  • Hand painted fabric edge: for painted edge fabric invitations only - please choose from the paint chart below.
  • Illustration color(s): please choose from the chart below. If using more than one color, please be specific. Please note certain illustrations may not be customized.
  • Font style(s): please choose from the chart below. If using more than one font style, please be specific
  • Font color(s): please choose from the color chart below. If using more than one font color, please be specific
  • Ribbon color: we offer a large selection of ribbon colors to coordinate with our printed colors, please inquire
For inquiries, please contact us via e-mail.


    Illustration and font color chart on white or cream background


    Illustration and font color chart on aged background


    Font style chart


    Painted edging color chart


    An extended font style chart

    Please check the Turnaround time page for standard and rush design and production times.