Boxed scroll invitations

Our boxed scroll invitations add that extra touch to your special event. We offer large boxes for complete sets, small presentation boxes when just the scroll is needed, folders that fit inside bubble mailers, mailing tubes for that special invitation, and even plastic bottles for your message in the bottle theme.
The large boxed invitations include the scroll, a reply card to send back, any other inserts to complete the invitation, and a presentation box to hold everything together. A fold-up mailer box to mail everything can be purchased separately.
The small presentation boxes are for a scroll only - for when you don't need a separate reply card or other inserts, but can collect all that information through a website link printed on the scroll invitation. It is the solution when your invitations are mostly distributed by hand, but we do offer fold-up mailers as well.
Folders are designed to coordinate with the scroll invitation and to fit inside a small bubble cushioned mailer. Folders can accommodate a scroll or even a scroll with a reply card and add the extra touch without the extra expense of a box.
Mailing tubes are perfect when you intend to mail out a scroll and make it a special delivery. The message in a bottle invitations are perfect for your beach destination wedding, or for that treasure hunt by your favorite pirate.

Large boxed scroll invitations

Large boxed scroll invitations by Artful Beginnings

Small boxed scroll invitations

Folder scroll invitations

Scroll wedding invitation with laser cut folder

Scrolls with mailing tubes

Birthday invitation scroll with gold mailing tube

Rolled up scrolls with tubes

Rolled up scrolls with tubes

Mailer options

Fold-up mailer box